Husk Meaning In Hindi


Husk Meaning In Hindi

“हस्क” का तात्पर्य बीज, अनाज या फल के बाहरी सुरक्षात्मक आवरण या खोल से है। यह सूखी, बाहरी परत है जिसे अक्सर आंतरिक खाद्य भाग का उपभोग करने से पहले हटा दिया जाता है।

Husk Meaning In Hindi

Husk Meaning Synonyms

  • Shell
  • Peel
  • Skin
  • Covering

Husk Meaning Antonyms

  • Kernel
  • Pulp
  • Heart
  • Core
  • Center
  • Essence
  • Inner Part

Examples Of Husk Meaning

  • The Farmer Stripped Away The Husk From The Freshly Picked Corn Cobs.
  • Coconut Husks Are Commonly Used As A Substrate In Gardening To Retain Moisture.
  • He Peeled Off The Husk From The Ear Of Wheat Before Grinding It Into Flour.
  • The Outer Husk Of The Almond Protects The Edible Nut Inside.
  • Removing The Husk From The Rice Grains Is An Essential Step In Rice Processing.
  • The Papery Husk Of The Onion Easily Comes Off When You Peel It.
  • The Husk Of The Peanut Is Discarded, Revealing The Nutritious Kernel.
  • In Autumn, The Ground Is Littered With The Husks Of Fallen Acorns.
  • Before Eating The Mango, She Carefully Removed The Fibrous Husk Surrounding The Juicy Flesh.
  • The Outer Husk Of The Barley Grain Is Often Removed Before It Is Used In Brewing Beer.

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