Fishponds Meaning In Marathi | फिशपॉन्ड्सचा मराठीत अर्थ


Fishponds Meaning In Marathi

“फिशपॉन्ड्स” म्हणजे कृत्रिम तलाव किंवा विशेषत: माशांचे प्रजनन, संगोपन किंवा ठेवण्यासाठी डिझाइन केलेले बंदिस्त.

Fishponds Meaning In Marathi

Fishponds Information

हे तलाव बहुधा मत्स्यपालन उद्देशांसाठी बांधले जातात, एकतर व्यावसायिक मत्स्यपालन किंवा मासेमारीसारख्या मनोरंजक हेतूंसाठी.

Fishponds Meaning Synonyms

  • Fish Tanks
  • Aquaculture Ponds
  • Fish Farms
  • Fish Enclosures
  • Aquatic Reservoirs

Fishponds Meaning Antonyms

  • Dry Land
  • Terrestrial Habitats
  • Non-water Environments
  • Land-based Ecosystems

Examples Of Fishponds Meaning

  • A Commercial Fish Farm In Rural Vietnam Consisting Of Several Large Fishponds Stocked With Catfish And Carp.
  • A Family-owned Estate In Scotland With A Picturesque Fishpond Stocked With Trout For Recreational Fishing.
  • An Aquaponics System In An Urban Greenhouse, Where Fishponds Are Integrated With Hydroponic Plant Beds To Create A Sustainable Ecosystem.
  • A Community Project In Kenya Establishing Small-scale Fishponds To Provide A Source Of Protein And Income For Local Residents.
  • A Research Facility In Australia Studying The Impact Of Water Quality On Fish Health And Growth In Controlled Experimental Fishponds.
  • A Resort In The Maldives Featuring Overwater Bungalows With Glass Floors Allowing Guests To Observe Marine Life In The Surrounding Fishponds.
  • A Conservation Area In The Amazon Rainforest Where Indigenous Communities Manage Fishponds To Supplement Their Diet And Reduce Pressure On Wild Fish Populations.
  • A High-tech Aquaculture Facility In Japan Using Automated Systems To Monitor Water Parameters And Feed Fish In Large-scale Indoor Fishponds.
  • A University Campus In The United States Incorporating Decorative Fishponds Into Its Landscaping To Promote Biodiversity And Relaxation For Students And Faculty.
  • A Restoration Project In The Philippines Reclaiming Abandoned Fishponds And Mangrove Areas To Rehabilitate Coastal Ecosystems And Support Local Fisheries.

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