Hen Meaning In Marathi | Hen चा मराठीत अर्थ


Hen Meaning In Marathi

“Hen” म्हणजे प्रौढ मादी कोंबडी. कोंबडी हे पाळीव पक्षी असतात जे सहसा त्यांच्या मांस आणि अंडीसाठी वाढवले जातात. कोंबड्या या विशेषतः मादी कोंबड्या आहेत ज्या अंडी घालतात आणि कुक्कुटपालनात त्यांची भूमिका महत्त्वाची असते.

Hen Meaning In Marathi

Hen Meaning Synonyms

  • Chicken
  • Fowl
  • Pullet
  • Rooster
  • Poultry
  • Brood Hen

Examples Of Hen Meaning

  • The Farmer Collected Fresh Eggs Every Morning From The Hens In The Coop.
  • The Children Enjoyed Watching The Fluffy Yellow Chicks Follow Their Mother Hen Around The Yard.
  • We Decided To Raise Hens In Our Backyard To Have A Sustainable Source Of Eggs.
  • The Hen Clucked Loudly To Alert Her Chicks When She Sensed Danger.
  • The Farmer Selected A Healthy Hen To Be The Brood Hen For The Upcoming Breeding Season.
  • The Hen Diligently Nested On Her Eggs, Keeping Them Warm Until They Hatched.
  • The Poultry Farmer Ensured That The Henhouse Was Secure To Protect The Hens From Predators.
  • After A Few Weeks, The Pullets Grew Into Mature Hens, And Egg Production Began.
  • The Rooster Proudly Strutted Around The Yard, Keeping A Watchful Eye Over The Hens.
  • The Market Sells Free-range Eggs From Hens That Are Allowed To Roam And Forage.

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