Solar Panel Meaning In Marathi | सोलर पॅनेलचा मराठीत अर्थ


Solar Panel Meaning In Marathi

सौर पॅनेल

सौर पॅनेल हे असे उपकरण आहे जे फोटोव्होल्टेइक प्रभावाचा वापर करून सूर्यप्रकाशाचे विजेमध्ये रूपांतर करते.

Solar Panel Meaning In Marathi

Solar Panel Uses

यामध्ये सिलिकॉनसारख्या अर्धसंवाहक पदार्थांपासून बनवलेल्या अनेक सौर पेशींचा समावेश होतो, जे सूर्यप्रकाशाच्या संपर्कात आल्यावर थेट करंट (DC) वीज निर्माण करतात. सौर पॅनेल सामान्यतः घरे, व्यवसाय आणि दुर्गम स्थानांसह विविध अनुप्रयोगांसाठी अक्षय ऊर्जा वापरण्यासाठी वापरली जातात.

Solar Panel Synonyms

  • Photovoltaic Panel
  • Solar Module
  • Solar Array
  • Solar Collector
  • PV Panel

Solar Panel Antonyms

  • Traditional Power Grid Systems
  • Non-Renewable Energy Sources
  • Fossil Fuel-Powered Generators
  • Conventional Electricity Sources

Example Of Solar Panel

  • Solar Panels Installed On The Roofs Of Homes To Generate Electricity For Household Use.
  • Streetlights Equipped With Solar Panels To Harness Sunlight During The Day And Illuminate Roads At Night.
  • Solar Panels Used To Power Water Pumps For Irrigation Or Water Supply In Remote Areas Where Electricity Is Unavailable.
  • Vehicles, Such As Cars, Boats, And Drones, Equipped With Solar Panels To Charge Batteries And Extend Their Range.
  • Portable Chargers Equipped With Solar Panels To Charge Electronic Devices Like Smartphones, Tablets, And Cameras While Outdoors.
  • Camping Equipment, Such As Lanterns, Cookers, And Backpacks, Integrated With Solar Panels For Off-grid Power Supply During Outdoor Adventures.
  • Commercial And Industrial Buildings Incorporating Solar Panels Into Their Design To Generate Clean Energy And Reduce Dependence On The Grid.
  • Solar Panels Used To Power Desalination Systems That Convert Seawater Into Freshwater For Drinking And Irrigation Purposes.
  • Satellites Equipped With Solar Panels To Generate Electricity For Onboard Systems And Communication Devices While Orbiting The Earth.
  • Solar Panels Utilized In Remote Monitoring Systems For Environmental Monitoring, Surveillance, And Data Collection In Off-grid Locations.

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