Relinquish Meaning In Hindi | Relinquish का मतलब हिंदी में


Relinquish Meaning In Hindi

  • त्यागना
  • छोड़ देना
  • समर्पण
Relinquish Meaning In Hindi

Relinquish Information

इसका अर्थ है स्वेच्छा से किसी चीज़ को त्यागना या समर्पण करना, जैसे कोई कब्ज़ा, ज़िम्मेदारी या अधिकार। इसका अर्थ नियंत्रण छोड़ना या दावा छोड़ देना भी हो सकता है।

Relinquish Meaning Synonyms

  • Surrender
  • Give Up
  • Abandon
  • Renounce
  • Forgo
  • Let Go
  • Release
  • Resign

Relinquish Meaning Antonyms

  • Retain
  • Hold Onto
  • Keep
  • Maintain
  • Preserve
  • Cling To
  • Assert
  • Claim
  • Grasp
  • Secure

Examples Of Relinquish Meaning

  • He Relinquished His Seat On The Crowded Bus To An Elderly Woman.
  • The Driver Had To Relinquish Control Of The Car When His Vision Became Blurred.
  • She Reluctantly Relinquished Her Favorite Book To Her Friend, Promising To Borrow It Back Soon.
  • The Athlete Had To Relinquish His Title Due To A Career-ending Injury.
  • The Landlord Demanded That The Tenants Relinquish The Apartment Keys Upon Moving Out.
  • Despite His Reluctance, He Knew He Had To Relinquish His Pride And Apologize.
  • The Company Had To Relinquish Its Monopoly On The Market After New Regulations Were Passed.
  • The General Made The Difficult Decision To Relinquish The Strategic Position To Avoid Further Casualties.
  • The Artist Was Forced To Relinquish Ownership Of His Paintings To Settle A Debt.
  • The Government Required All Citizens To Relinquish Certain Freedoms In Exchange For Increased Security Measures.

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