Ewe Meaning In Tamil | தமிழில் அர்த்தம்


Ewe Meaning In Tamil

“ஈவ்” என்ற சொல் பெண் ஆடுகளைக் குறிக்கிறது.

Ewe Meaning In Tamil

Examples Of Ewe Meaning

  • The Shepherd Guided The Ewe And Her Newborn Lambs To The Safety Of The Barn.
  • The Ewe’s Fleece Was Soft And White, Perfect For Spinning Into Yarn.
  • As The Seasons Changed, The Ewe’s Wool Grew Thicker To Keep Her Warm During The Winter Months.
  • The Farmer Inspected Each Ewe Carefully Before Breeding Season To Ensure They Were In Good Health.
  • The Ewe Bleated Softly, Calling Out To Her Lost Lamb In The Pasture.
  • The Veterinarian Administered Prenatal Care To The Expectant Ewe To Ensure A Smooth Pregnancy.
  • The Shepherd Gently Sheared The Ewe’s Wool, Being Careful Not To Cause Any Harm.
  • The Ewe Diligently Led Her Lambs Through The Rugged Terrain Of The Mountains.
  • The Ewe’s Milk Provided Nourishment For Her Young Lambs During Their First Weeks Of Life.
  • The Ewe Stood Proudly As Her Offspring Won Ribbons At The County Fair For Their Excellent Wool.

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