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In the ever-evolving landscape of religious discourse, the CES Letter has emerged as a thought-provoking document that has sparked intense debates and discussions within the Latter-day Saint (LDS) community. Created by Jeremy Runnells, a former member of the LDS Church, this letter delves into various aspects of the religion, raising questions and concerns that have left many pondering their faith. In this article, we will explore the CES Letter, its origins, key contents, controversies, and its impact on the LDS community.

The Genesis of the CES Letter

1. Jeremy Runnells: The Author

Jeremy Runnells, a devout Mormon at one point, wrote the CES Letter as an earnest attempt to find answers to questions that had been gnawing at him. His journey from a faithful believer to a skeptic forms the backdrop of this document.

2. The Initial Distribution

Initially, the Letter was intended as a personal letter to a church leader, but it soon gained momentum after Runnells shared it online. The digital age allowed for rapid dissemination, and the letter quickly gained a following among disenchanted members of the LDS Church.

The CES Letter Contents

3. Historical Anomalies

One of the central themes of the Letter is the examination of historical claims made by the LDS Church. Runnells highlights various historical events and figures, questioning their authenticity and accuracy.

4. Book of Mormon Translation

The process of translating the Book of Mormon has been a matter of great importance for the LDS Church. The CES Letter delves into the differing accounts of Joseph Smith’s translation process, presenting conflicting narratives.

5. Anachronisms and Archaeology

Runnells raises concerns about anachronisms in the Book of Mormon, pointing out instances where the text mentions items or technologies that did not exist in the supposed time frame of the narrative.

6. Polygamy and Polyandry

The CES Letter delves into the controversial topic of Joseph Smith’s polygamous relationships, including marriages to women who were already married to other men. This section has stirred significant controversy within the LDS community.

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Controversies Surrounding the CES Letter

7. Excommunication of Jeremy Runnells

Jeremy Runnells faced excommunication from the LDS Church due to his involvement with the Letter. This action led to a debate over freedom of expression within the religious community.

8. Responses from the LDS Church

The CES Letter prompted responses from LDS Church leaders, scholars, and apologists who sought to address the concerns raised by Runnells. These responses have added depth to the ongoing dialogue.

Impact and Ongoing Discourse

9. Faith Crises

The CES Letter has played a significant role in causing faith crises among some members of the LDS Church. Many individuals who read the letter have reported grappling with doubt and uncertainty about their beliefs.

10. Internet Era Influence

The digital age has amplified the reach and impact of the Letter, allowing for broader discussions and debates within and beyond the LDS community.


The CES Letter has undeniably left an indelible mark on the religious landscape, particularly within the LDS community. Its challenging questions and revelations have sparked a dialogue about faith, history, and belief that continues to evolve. Whether seen as a catalyst for spiritual introspection or a divisive force, the Letter stands as a testament to the power of inquiry and the complexities of faith.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que: What is the CES Letter?
The Letter is a document written by Jeremy Runnells, a former member of the LDS Church, that raises questions and concerns about various aspects of the Mormon faith.

Que: Why is the CES Letter controversial?
The Letter is controversial because it challenges historical claims and practices of the LDS Church, leading to debates and discussions within the Mormon community.

Que: Has the LDS Church responded to the CES Letter?
Yes, the LDS Church has responded to the Letter through various leaders, scholars, and apologists who have addressed the concerns raised by Jeremy Runnells.

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