Callously Meaning In Hindi


Callously Meaning In Hindi

“कॉलोसलय” का अर्थ है दूसरों की भावनाओं या पीड़ा के प्रति क्रूर, असंवेदनशील या असंवेदनशील तरीके से व्यवहार करना या कार्य करना। यह करुणा या सहानुभूति की कमी का सुझाव देता है।

Callously Meaning In Hindi

Callously Meaning Synonyms

  • Cold-Heartedly
  • Insensitively
  • Cruelly
  • Indifferently
  • Unfeelingly
  • Heartlessly
  • Ruthlessly
  • Inconsiderately
  • Unsympathetically
  • Brutally

Callously Meaning Antonyms

  • Compassionately
  • Sympathetically
  • Empathetically
  • Tenderly
  • Kindly
  • Sensitively
  • Caringly
  • Warmly
  • Humanely
  • Considerately

Examples Of Callously Meaning

  • The Landlord Callously Evicted The Struggling Family Without Considering Their Financial Difficulties.
  • The Ceo’s Decision To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees Was Seen As Callously Prioritizing Profit Over The Livelihoods Of Hardworking Individuals.
  • She Spoke Callously About The Tragic Accident, Showing No Empathy For The Victims Or Their Families.
  • The Dictator Callously Ordered The Execution Of Political Dissidents Who Dared To Speak Out Against His Regime.
  • Despite Knowing About The Dire Situation, The Government Officials Acted Callously And Refused To Provide Aid To The Famine-stricken Region.

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