Meaning Of Avidyanam Antas Timira


Meaning Of Avidyanam Antas Timira

The Phrase “Avidyanam Antas Timira” Appears To Be In Sanskrit, And It Can Be Translated To English As “The Inner Darkness Of Ignorance” Or “The Inner Darkness Caused By Lack Of Knowledge.” Let’s Break Down The Meaning:

  • Avidyanam: Ignorance Or Lack Of Knowledge.
  • Antas: Inner Or Within.
  • Timira: Darkness.
Meaning Of Avidyanam Antas Timira

Avidyanam Antas Timira

Avidyanam Antas-Timira-Mihira-Dweeppa-Nagari
Jadanam Chaitanya-Stabaka-Makaranda-Sruti Jhari
Daridranam Cinta-Mani-Gunanika Janma-Jaladhau
Nimadhanam Damshtra Mura-Ripu-Varahasya Bhavati.


O! Mother! For The Spiritually Ignorant, Engulfed By Darkness, The Dust Of Your Lotus Feet Is The Shining Sun Of An Island City.
For The Dull Witted, It Is The Flowing Stream Of Honey Of The Kalpaka Flower Cluster, The Pure Intelligence.
For Those Impoverished It Is The Necklace Granting All Wealth Like The Chintamani.
For Those Immersed In The Ocean Ofsamsara (Births Etc.,), It Is The Tusk Of The Savior Wild Boar (Varaaha Vishnu), The Enemy Of Earth.

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