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Lord Krishna Story PDF : Mathura is one of the seven ancient and holy cities of India. Mathura has the same importance as Bethlehem for Christians, Lumbini for Buddhists and Medina for Muslims. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura.

Someone told Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa that the children of Vasudev and Devaki would be the cause of his death, so he imprisoned both Vasudev and Devaki. Kansa used to kill the children of both of them as soon as they were born.

According to the prophecy, Vishnu was to be born as Krishna from the womb of Devaki, so he took birth as his 8th incarnation in the 28th Dwapar of Manvantar of 8th Manu Vaivaswat. 7 Muhurats of the night of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada passed and the 8th appeared only then. The most auspicious ascendant appeared at midnight. Only auspicious planets were visible on that ascendant. It happened around 3112 BC (i.e. 5126 years ago) in a yoga called Jayanti due to the coincidence of Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi. According to astrologers, it was zero hour at 12 o’clock in the night.

Gokul across Yamuna:

When Krishna was born, all the guards in the jail fell into deep sleep by Maya. The doors of the jail opened automatically. It was raining heavily at that time. Yamuna was in spate. It was during that rain that Vasudev kept little Krishna in a basket and with that basket he came out of the jail. Yamuna river was at some distance. They had to go across but how? Then a miracle happened. The water of Yamuna touched the feet of the Lord and then its water got divided into two parts and a path was formed from one side to the other.

It is said that Vasudev took Krishna to his friend Nandagop’s place in Gokul on the other side of Yamuna. There, Nand’s wife Yashoda also gave birth to a girl. Vasudev put Krishna to sleep near Yashoda and took that girl. Gokul was mother Yashoda’s maternal home and her in-laws in Nandgaon. Shri Krishna was brought up by Yashoda and Nand.

Gokul is a village situated on the banks of the Yamuna, where the cows of all the Nandas used to reside. Nanda was the head of the Abhir Gopas living in Gokul and Nandgaon around Mathura. It was here that Vasudev’s second wife Rohini gave birth to Balarama. Balram was in the 7th womb of Devaki who was attracted by Yogmaya and put in the womb of Rohini. This place belonged to Gop people. The distance from Mathura to Gokul is just 12 kilometers.

Killing of Putna:

When Kansa came to know that Vasudev and Devaki had fraudulently sent their son somewhere else, he sent his followers in all four directions and said that all the children born at such and such time should be killed. . For the first time itself, Kansa’s followers came to know that whether it is possible or not, that child has been left on the other side of Yamuna.

In childhood itself, Shri Krishna killed many demons sent by his maternal uncle and failed all his evil attempts. First of all he killed Putana. He killed Putana at some distance from Nandababa’s house. When the terror of Kansa started increasing in Nandgaon, Nandbaba fled from there. There must have been many other reasons for migrating.

Arrival in Vrindavan:

Due to the danger of Kansa in Nandgaon, Nandababa took both the brothers from there to another village Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the main place of Krishna’s pastimes. Vrindavan is 14 kilometers from Mathura.

According to Shrimad Bhagwat and Vishnu Purana, Nandji had settled in Vrindavan from Nandgaon along with his family and relatives to avoid the tyranny of Kansa. There is also a description of Lord Krishna Story pastimes in Vrindavan in the Vishnu Purana. Here Shri Krishna had suppressed Kaliya.

Killing of Kaliya and Dhanuk:

After growing up a bit, he along with Balram killed Kalia Nag in the Kadamba forest. Then in the same way, in the Taal forest, there used to live a tyrannical person named Dhanuk of the demon caste, who was killed by Baldev. Due to both these incidents, the fame of Krishna and Baldev had spread far and wide. Apart from this, here he killed Yamlarjun, Shaktasur, Pralamba and Arishta.


It is believed that it was here that Shri Krishna and Radha used to take a couple bath at a ghat. Earlier, Krishna had met Radha at Sanket Tirtha near Gokul. In Vrindavan itself, Shri Krishna and the Gopis used to play the game of hide and seek. It was here that Shri Krishna and all his friends used to organize Rasleela i.e. dance festivals on Teej festivals. Because of Krishna’s mischief he is called Bankebihari. There is a temple of Banke Bihariji here. Here, the story of Lord Krishna is associated with each ghat of Yamuna Ghat.

Govardhan Mountain:

Govardhan Mountain is near Vrindavan. It was here that Krishna saved the people from the wrath of Indra. At that time people used to fear Indra and worship him. Krishna took away their fear and taught them to pray only to God. Nanda used to celebrate the festival of worship of Indra. Shri Krishna stopped it and started the festival of Annakoot in the month of Kartik.

Killing of Kansa:

Due to the fame of both the brothers due to facing Kalia and Dhanuk in Vrindavan, Kansa understood that according to the astrological prediction, such powerful teenagers could only be the sons of Vasudev and Devaki. Then Kansa invited both the brothers for wrestling, because Kansa wanted them to be killed by the wrestlers, but both the brothers killed Chanur and Mushtik, the chief wrestlers, and caught hold of Kansa and killed him in front of everyone. Gave.

After killing Kansa, Krishna and Baldev made Kansa’s father Ugrasen the king again. Ugrasen had 9 sons, among them Kansa was the eldest. Their names are – Nyagrodha, Sunama, Kanka, Shanku Ajabhu, Rashtrapala, Yudhmushti and Sumushtida. He had 5 sisters named Kansa, Kanswati, Satantu, Rashtrapali and Kanka. Along with his progeny, Ugrasenkukur-dynasty is said to have originated and he ruled till Vrajnabha took over the reign.

Krishna became very popular as a child by facing many sudden accidents and by foiling the conspiracies of Kansa in his youth. After the killing of Kansa, his exile also ended and the fear of the kingdom along with him. Then their father and guardian arranged for the education and initiation of both the brothers.

Guru’s Ashram:

Both the brothers were sent to Sandipani’s ashram for the education of weapons, weapons and Shastri, where Krishna-Balram duly took Diksha and gained special proficiency in archery along with other scriptures. There he met Sudama Brahmin, who became his mentor-brother.

Krishna spent some years of his life in this ashram and faced many incidents and got fame here too. After getting education and initiation, Krishna and Balarama again returned to Mathura and then they started looking after the work of army and governance of Mathura. Ugrasena who was the king of Mathura was the maternal grandfather of Krishna. After the death of Kansa, his father-in-law and the emperor of Magadha, Jarasandha became furious.

Invasion of Jarasandha:

When Kansa was killed, Jarasandha, the most powerful emperor of Magadha, was enraged because Kansa was his son-in-law. Jarasangha was the father-in-law of Kansa. Kansa’s wife used to repeatedly instigate Magadha King Jarasangha to avenge Kansa. For this reason, Jarasangh attacked 17 times to usurp the kingdom of Mathura. Every time his attack was repulsed. Then one day he along with Kalayavan planned a fierce attack.

Kalayavan’s army surrounded Mathura. He sent a message to the Mathura king and gave Kalayavan a day’s time for the war. Shri Krishna sent in reply that the war should be only between Krishna and Kalayavan, why should the army fight in vain? Kalayavan accepted.

There was a fight between Krishna and Kalayavan and when Krishna started running away from the battlefield, Kalayavan also ran after him. While running, Krishna went to a cave. Kalayavan also entered there. Kalayavan saw another man sleeping in the cave. Thinking him to be Krishna, Kalayavan kicked him hard and the man got up.

As soon as he opened his eyes and started looking around, he saw Kalayavan in front of him. Kalayavan immediately burnt to ashes on seeing him. The men who Kalayavan found sleeping in the cave. He was King Muchukund, son of Maharaja Mandhata of Ikshvaku dynasty, who was ascetic and majestic. Kalayavan was reduced to ashes on seeing him. Muchukund had a boon that whoever picked him up would be burnt to ashes as soon as he saw him.

Great Confluence:

There was a stir after Kalayavan was killed. Now even foreigners had become enemies of Shri Krishna. Then finally Krishna persuaded his 18 clan members to leave Mathura. They all left Mathura and settled in Kushasthali Puri (Dwarika) near Raivat mountain. -(Mahabharata Mausal- 14.43-50)

It was the largest migration in history. Millions of Yadavs of Krishna’s clan including Ugrasen, Akrur, Balram returned to their former place Dwarka. Only those who were not from the Krishna clan remained. Lakhs of people of Mathura Mandal tried to stop them, in which other Yaduvanshis were also there. Everyone had tears in their eyes, but Krishna had to go. Yaduvanshi people were already living in Saurashtra. This was the land of their ancient ancestors. After this evacuation, the population of Mathura must have been very less. After the departure of Krishna, Mathura was ruled by Jarasandha.


Krishna lived happily in Dwarka. Staying here, he increased his activities in the politics of Hastinapur and established a new clan and empire by marrying 8 women. Dwarka was like Vaikunth. Krishna had 8 wives:- Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Mitravanda, Satya, Lakshmana, Bhadra and Kalindi. He got many sons and daughters from them.

After this, Lord Krishna Story freed about 16 thousand women taken hostage by Bhaumasura (Narakasura) and gave them shelter in Dwarka. Narakasura was the demon king of Pragjyotishpur who defeated Indra and drove him out of his city. The deities were weeping because of Narakasura’s tyranny. He became victorious in Trilok by snatching Varuna’s umbrella, Aditi’s coil and the gems of the deities. He used to abduct thousands of beautiful girls of the earth and keep them captive and exploit them. All these freed women were not Krishna’s wives or concubines but his friends and disciples, who were happily living their lives independently in his kingdom in their own way.

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Meeting of Krishna with Pandavas: – One day Draupadi-Swayamvar was organized by Drupada, the king of Panchal. In that period, out of 2 years of exile of Pandavas, one year of Agyatvas had passed. Krishna also went to that Swayamvara. His aunt’s (Kunti’s) sons Pandavas were also present there. It was from here that Krishna’s intimacy with the Pandavas began.

Pandava Arjuna got Draupadi by piercing the fish and in this way revealed the skill of his archery to the kings of many countries. Shri Krishna was very pleased with this skill of Arjuna. While there he befriended the Pandavas and after the end of the exile, he reached Hastinapur with the Pandavas. Kururaj Dhritarashtra had given the region around Indraprastha to the Pandavas.

The Pandavas took advantage of Lord Krishna Story experience in building Dwarka. With their help, he cleared a part of the forest and settled the city of Indraprastha in a nice and beautiful way. After this Krishna returned to Dwarka. Then one day Arjun reached Dwarka during pilgrimage. He was fascinated by seeing Krishna’s sister Subhadra there. Krishna got both of them married and thus Krishna became close friends with Arjuna.

Killing of Jarasandha:

After the construction of Indraprastha, Yudhishthira conducted the Rajasuya Yagya and called Krishna for necessary advice. Krishna came to Indraprastha and supported the organization of Rajasuya Yagya. But he told Yudhishthir that first the tyrannical kings and their power should be destroyed, only then the Rajsuya Yagya will have importance and will become famous in the country and abroad. Yudhishthir accepted this suggestion of Krishna, then Krishna advised Yudhishthir to first attack Jarasandha.

After this, Lord Krishna Story left for Magadha along with Bhima and Arjun and after some time reached Giribraj, the capital of Magadha. Krishna’s strategy was successful and he got Jarasandha killed in wrestling by Bhima. After the death of Jarasandha, Krishna made his son Sahadev the king of Magadha. Then he freed all the kings imprisoned in Giribraj and in this way, Krishna got a lot of fame by ending the cruel ruler like Jarasandha and returning his kingdom to the captive kings. After the slaying of Jarasandha, all the other cruel rulers were horrified. Pandavas forced everyone to bow down and thus the kingdom of Indraprastha expanded.

After this Yudhishthira organized the Rajasuya Yagya. In the Yagya, Yudhishthir killed Lord Ved Vyas, Bhardwaj, Sunattu, Gautam, Asit, Vashishtha, Chyawan, Kandava, Maitreya, Kavash, Jit, Vishwamitra, Vamdev, Sumati, Jaimin, Kratu, Pail, Parashar, Garga, Vaishampayan, Atharva, Kashyap, Dhaumya, Parashuram, Shukracharya, Asuri, Veethotra, Madhudvanda, Veersen, Akritabran etc. were all invited. Apart from this, the kings of all the countries were also called.

Shishupala, Lord Krishna Story enemy and Jarasandha’s friend, had also come to this yagya, who was a friend of Krishna’s wife Rukmini’s brother and who wanted to marry Rukmini. He was the son of Krishna’s second aunt, hence he was also Krishna’s brother. Shri Krishna had promised his aunt to forgive her 100 crimes. In the same yagya, he insulted Krishna for the 100th time, due to which Krishna killed him in the yagya assembly.

Mahabharata :

While living in Dwarka, Krishna taught many lessons on religion, politics, policy etc. and propagated religious activities, but he could not stop the war between Kauravas and Pandavas and ultimately he became the charioteer of Arjuna in Mahabharata. This was the biggest event of his life. Lord Krishna Story also had a huge role in the Mahabharata. Krishna’s sister Subhadra was Arjun’s wife. It was Shri Krishna who preached Geeta to Arjun before the war.

To make the Mahabharata war in favor of Pandavas, Krishna had to use many types of deceit, force and policy before the war. Ultimately, due to his policy, the Pandavas won the war. A large number of people died in this war. While mourning over the dead bodies of all the Kauravas, Gandhari cursed – ‘O Krishna, may your clan be destroyed.’

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