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Krishnashtakam is a devotional composition consisting of eight verses that beautifully encapsulate the essence of Lord Krishna’s divine personality and exploits. Composed by the revered sage Adi Shankaracharya, this hymn is a heartfelt expression of love and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

The first verse of Krishnashtakam extols the greatness of Lord Krishna, describing Him as the Supreme Being who incarnated on Earth to dispel darkness and protect His devotees. It highlights His charming form, adorned with peacock feathers and a captivating smile.

The second verse delves into Lord Krishna’s childhood pastimes, particularly His endearing habit of stealing butter (Makhan Chor) and the playful mischief that endeared Him to everyone in Vrindavan. This verse emphasizes His innocence and magnetism.

The third verse pays homage to Lord Krishna as the one who lifted the mighty Govardhan Hill to protect the people of Vrindavan from the wrath of Lord Indra. It showcases His immense strength and the unwavering faith of His devotees.

The fourth verse portrays Lord Krishna as the ultimate source of bliss and the embodiment of divine love. It highlights the enchanting melody of His flute, which charmed not only the gopis but also the entire universe.

The fifth verse draws attention to Lord Krishna’s divine charisma and His role as the Supreme Lord of the universe. It praises His unparalleled beauty, which captivates the hearts of all living beings.

The sixth verse seeks Lord Krishna’s blessings for liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It acknowledges His divine role as the ultimate refuge for all souls.

The seventh verse emphasizes the importance of chanting Lord Krishna’s name, believing that it is the most effective means of attaining salvation and spiritual enlightenment.

The final verse of Krishnashtakam offers a heartfelt surrender to Lord Krishna, expressing the desire to serve Him with unwavering devotion and love.

In conclusion, Krishnashtakam is a poignant expression of devotion and reverence for Lord Krishna, encapsulating His divine attributes, pastimes, and the path to spiritual liberation. It serves as a reminder of the enduring love and faith that countless devotees hold for Lord Krishna, the eternal and enchanting Lord of Vrindavan.

Krishnashtakam Lyrics

Bhaje Vrajaik Maṇḍanam, Samasta Papa Khaṇḍanam,
Swabhakta Chitta Ranjanam, Sadaiv Nand Nandanam,
Supincha Guccha Mastakam, Sunad Veṇu Hastakam,
Anang Rang Sagaram, Nammmi Kriṣṇa Nagaram ॥ 1 ॥

Manoj Garv Mochnam Visal Lola Lochanam,
Vidhut Gop Sochnam Namami Padma Lochanam,
Kararavind Bhudharam Smitavalok Sundaram,
Mahendra Nama Daraṇam, Namami Kr̥iṣṇa Varanam ॥ 2 ॥

Kadamb Sun Kuṇḍalam Sucharu Gaṇḍa Maṇḍalam,
Vrajagnaika Ballabham Namami Kr̥iṣṇa Durlabham.
Yasodaya Samodaya Sagopaya Sanandaya,
Yutam Sukhaik Daykam Namami Gop Nayakam ॥ 3 ॥

Sadaiv Pada Pankajam Madiya Manase Nijam,
Dadhanamuttamalakam, Namami Nanda Balakam,
Samasta Doṣa Soṣaṇam, Samasta Loka Poṣaṇam,
Samasta Gopa Manasam, Namami Nanda Lalasam ॥ 4 ॥

Bhuvo Bharavatarakam Bhavabdi Karṇa Dharakam,
Yasomati Kisorakam, Namami Chitta Chorakam.
Dr̥ganta Kanta Bhanginam, Sada Sadalasanginam,
Dine Dine Navam Navam Namami Nanda Sambhavam ॥ 5 ॥

Gunakaram Sukhakaram Krupakaram Krripaparam,
Suradviṣannikandanam, Namami Gopa Nandanam.
Navīnagōpa Nāgarama Navīna Kēli Lampaṭam,
Namāmi Mēgha Sundaram Tathita Prabhālasathpatam ॥ 6 ॥

Samasta Gōpa Nandanam, Hrudambujaika Mōdanam,
Namāmi Kuñja Madhyagam, Prasanna Bhānu Śōbhanam.
Nikamakamadayakam Dr̥ganta Charu Sayakam,
Rasalavenu Gayakam, Namami Kunja Nayakam ॥ 7 ॥

Vidagdha Gopika Mano Manojna Talpasayinam,
Namami Kunja Kanane Pravr̥ddha Vahni Payinam.
Kisorakanti Ranjitama, Druganjanam Susobhitam,
Gajendra Mokṣa Kariṇama, Namami Srivihariṇam ॥ 8 ॥

Yatha Tatha Yatha Tatha Tadaiva Kr̥iṣṇ Satkatha,
Maya Sadaiv Giyatam Tatha Kripa Vidhiyatam.
Pramanikasṭakadvayam Japatyadhitya Yaḥ Puman,
Bhavet Sa Nanda Nandane Bhave Bhave Subhaktiman ॥ 9 ॥

Om Namo Srikriṣṇaya Namah ॥
Om Namo Narayaṇaya Namah ॥

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Benefits of regular recitation of Shri Krishna Ashtakam

  • By regularly reciting Krishna Ashtakam, the mind experiences immense peace and all kinds of evils are removed from life.
  • You become healthy, full of wealth and prosperous.
  • Krishna Ashtakam destroys all types of fears and increases the self-confidence and courage of a person.
  • It is also said that Krishna Ashtakam helps in getting relief from all types of diseases.
  • Spreads happiness, peace and prosperity in the house.
  • Enhances the knowledge and skills of students, employed people and business people.

Correct method of reading Shri Krishna Ashtakam

It is best to recite Shri Krishna Ashtakam in the morning because the mind is calm at that time. Before starting the lesson, finish your daily activities and take a bath. After that, you can also recite this while sitting in front of the temple of your home.

After this, light incense sticks, lamps and incense sticks in front of the idol or picture of Lord Shri Krishna and take a pledge that you will worship Lord Shri Krishna with full devotion. Now bathe Lord Shri Krishna with Ganga water and Panchamrit and recite Shri Krishna.

After reciting Shri Krishna Ashtakam, you should offer butter and sugar candy or peda to the Lord and distribute the prasad among all the members of the house and then consume it yourself.

Right time to read Shri Krishna Ashtakam

There is never a wrong time to remember God, but still there is no specific day prescribed in the scriptures for reciting Shri Krishna Ashtakam. You can recite Shri Krishna Ashtakam at any time whenever your mind is calm. By the way morning time is said to be the best.

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