Kangaroo Court Meaning In Marathi


Kangaroo Court Meaning In Marathi

“कांगारू कोर्ट” हा एक बोलचालचा शब्द आहे ज्याचा वापर थट्टा किंवा बेकायदेशीर न्यायिक कार्यवाहीचे वर्णन करण्यासाठी केला जातो जेथे निकाल पूर्वनिर्धारित किंवा पक्षपाती असतो, अनेकदा योग्य कायदेशीर प्रक्रिया आणि निष्पक्षतेचा अभाव असतो.

Kangaroo Court Meaning In Marathi

Kangaroo Court Information

हा शब्द सामान्यत: एखाद्या विशिष्ट परिस्थितीत किंवा कायदेशीर प्रक्रियेतील अन्याय किंवा न्यायाचा अभाव यावर टीका करण्यासाठी किंवा हायलाइट करण्यासाठी वापरला जातो.

Kangaroo Court Meaning Synonyms

  • Mock Trial
  • Show Trial
  • Drumhead Court-martial
  • Summary Judgment
  • Puppet Court
  • Rigged Trial
  • Farce Of Justice
  • Pseudo-legal Proceedings

Kangaroo Court Meaning Antonyms

  • Fair Trial
  • Impartial Court
  • Legitimate Court
  • Just Proceedings
  • Judicial Integrity
  • Due Process
  • Court Of Law
  • Legal Tribunal
  • Justice System
  • Objective Judgment

Examples Of Kangaroo Court Meaning

  • The Schoolyard Bullies Held A Kangaroo Court To Punish Anyone Who Disagreed With Their Rules.
  • In The Absence Of Proper Authorities, The Villagers Conducted A Kangaroo Court To Settle A Land Dispute.
  • The Dictator’s Opponents Were Swiftly Dealt With In A Kangaroo Court, With No Chance For Defense.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Formed A Kangaroo Court To Address Minor Infractions, Bypassing Legal Channels.
  • Fearing Reprisal, The Whistleblower Was Hesitant To Speak Out, Knowing They Might Face A Kangaroo Court.
  • The Internet Forum Moderators Acted Like Judges In A Kangaroo Court, Banning Users Without Fair Warning.
  • During The Chaotic Aftermath Of The Disaster, Makeshift Leaders Established A Kangaroo Court To Maintain Order.
  • To Maintain Control, The Gang Leaders Held A Kangaroo Court To Mete Out Punishment To Disobedient Members.
  • The Corrupt Officials Ensured Their Rivals Faced A Kangaroo Court, Guaranteeing Their Own Dominance.
  • Seeking Revenge, The Clique Organized A Kangaroo Court To Humiliate Their Former Friend.

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