Violeta Isabel Allende Audiolibro Gratis


Violeta Isabel Allende Audiolibro Gratis, Violeta [english Edition]: A Novel By Isabel Allende Audiolibro Gratis.

Violeta Isabel Allende Audiolibro Gratis

The Epic Tale Of Violeta Del Valle, A Lady Whose Life Spans 100 Years And Witnesses The Biggest Upheavals Of The Twentieth Century, Is Told In This Sprawling Book By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of A Long Petal Of The Sea.

In 1920, A Stormy Day Sees The Birth Of Violeta, The First Female In A Family Of Five Rowdy Males. Her Life Will Be Defined By Exceptional Occurrences From The Beginning Since The Great War’s Aftereffects Are Still Being Felt And The Spanish Flu Is Almost Upon Her South American Birthplace At The Time Of Her Birth.

The Family Will Survive That Crisis Because To Her Father’s Foresight, Only To Confront A New One When The Great Depression Changes The Affluent City Life She Has Known. Her Family Suffers A Complete Loss And Is Compelled To Relocate To A Wild And Beautiful But Isolated Area Of The Nation. There, She Will Reach Adulthood And Get A Call From Her First Suitor.

She Recounts Heartbreaking Heartache And Passionate Affairs, Moments Of Both Poverty And Prosperity, Horrible Loss And Incredible Delight In The Form Of A Letter To The Person She Loves Beyond All Others. Some Of The Most Significant Historical Occurrences Would Influence Her Life, Including The Struggle For Women’s Rights, The Ascent And Fall Of Dictators, And, Eventually, Not One But Two Pandemics.

Isabel Allende Once Again Gives Us An Epic That Is Both Fiercely Motivating And Intensely Emotional. It Is Told Through The Eyes Of A Woman Whose Remarkable Passion, Tenacity, And Sense Of Humour Will Sustain Her Through A Lifetime Of Turmoil.

Chilean-american Author Isabel Allende Llona Writes Novels. One Of The First Prominent Female Authors In Latin America, Allende Works In The “Magic Realism” Genre.

She Has Penned Stories That Are Partially Based On Her Personal Experiences, Often Highlighting The Hardships Of Women And Fusing Myth With Reality. She Has Given Talks, Taken Part In A Number Of Book Tours, And Taught Literature At Several Us Institutions. Together With Her Spouse, She Presently Lives In California. In 2003, Allende Became A Citizen Of The Us.

The Most Recent Book By Isabel Allende Is Enthralling And Exquisitely Written With A Memoir-like Authenticity. In 2020, The Coronavirus Pandemic Is In Full Swing, And 100-year-old Violeta Del Valle, Who Is Nearing The End Of Her Life, Writes To Her Grandson Camilo To Share Her Life’s Journey.

There Is A Fitting Inevitability That A Century Of War, Misery, Hardship, Prejudice, Evil, Selflessness, Love, Grief, Disease, Joy, And Achievement Should Finish At Another Watershed Moment Of World Sorrow Since I Was Born In Chile In 1920 During The Spanish Flu Epidemic.

Violeta Has Experienced Both Happy And Terrible Things, And She And The People She Meets Eloquently Capture The Complexity Of Life. Violeta’s Trip With Her Family And Friends And The Happenings In Her Nation Perfectly Encapsulated Her Existence. Even Though Chile Is Never Specifically Named, Chile’s Historical Development Is Reflected In The Topography, Place Descriptions, And Events.

The Plot Interweaves Likeable Individuals With Chile’s Turbulent Past, Including Military Coups, Authoritarian Rule, Uprisings, Boom-and-bust Economic Cycles, And Shady Ties To Spies, Criminals, And Drug Cartels.

Violeta Describes Her Connections With Her Brothers, Sons, Friends, Neighbours, Aunts, Uncles, And The Men In Her Life. Her Relationships With Them Have Shaped The Intriguing Woman She Is Today—some Offer Her Delight, Others Hurt And Cruelty.

She Overcame Commercial Obstacles And Prejudice That Barred Her From Directly Owning Her Firm Or Bank Account Due To Her Business Savvy. She And Her Older Brother Planned Their Route As They Built A Prosperous Company While Keeping The Specifics Concealed From The Government And Others.

Isabel Allende Is A Virtuoso At Creating Characters; She Takes In The Vital Information While Ever Letting The Plot Sag Into Excessive Detail. This Epic Drama Is Captivating From Start To Finish Because Of The Key Events And Variety Of Characters.

Synopsis Of Violeta Isabel Allende Audiolibro

The Strongest Part Of The Book Is In The Middle, When The Events Leading To Dictatorship In A Country Like Chile With A Dictator Like Pinochet Are Described In Unflinching, Breezy Prose That Focuses On The Class And Gender Tensions That Are Visible In Everyday Life.

Violeta Provides Humorous Respites And Straightforward Musings. She Dislikes Children (“The Only Good Thing About Kids Is That They Grow Fast”), Resents Men Whose “Success Can Be Attributed” To Her (“While He Researched, Experimented, Wrote… I Took Care Of The Domestic Expenses And Saved”), Finds Marriage Stifling (“As Uneventful As Life In A Nunnery”), And Laments The Double

I Wished For Some Of The Same Insight Violeta Exhibits When She Finally Thinks About Her Own Complicity With The Regime Despite Amassing Wealth And Living A Comfortable Life While A Nation Perished Around Her. Violeta’s Rebellious Son Tells Her At One Point, “You Live In A Bubble, Mom,” And A Century Of Reflection Cannot Fully Pierce It; Violeta’s Political Development Does Not Extend To Venomous Racial And Economic Considerations. A Reckless Romanticism Is The Result Of Violeta’s Naive, Sometimes Colonialist Perspective: “The Mix Of Races Is Very Attractive,” She Writes Earnestly About One Mestiza Acquaintance.

She Extols The Virtues Of Her Grandson’s Missionary Work In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, “In A Community That Was No More Than A Trash Heap Before You Got There,” And While She Freely Admits Her Ignorance (“I Didn’t Know Anything About Africa… I Was Incapable Of Distinguishing One Country From Another”), She Ignores The Saviorism And Essentialism That Underlie Her Praise.

After Carefully Rendering The Political Graveyards That Haunt Latin America’s Psyche, Violeta Comes To The Conclusion That “If You Truly Want To Help Others, You’re Going To Need Money” Is Circular Logic That Feels Like A Watery Offering On A Blood-soaked Altar. This Leads To The Creation Of A Foundation To Support Domestic Violence Survivors.

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