The Final Offer Lauren Asher EPub Free Download


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The Final Offer Lauren Asher EPub Free Download

Callahan I’m The Kane Brother Who Is The Subject Of Rumours In Private. Trust-fund B*tch A Ruined Athlete. Alcoholic With High Functioning. She Is The Only One Who Really Knows Me. My Childhood Best Friend And The One Lady I Ever Loved Was Lana Castillo.

I Vowed To Never Go Back To Lake Wisteria After Breaking Her Heart Six Years Ago. Up Until My Grandfather’s Will, I Stayed True To My Pledge. I Had To Spend A Summer At The Family Lake Home Before Selling It In Order To Get My Inheritance.

The Request Seemed Straightforward In Theory—that Is, Until The First Day When My Whole Strategy Went Kaput. It Turns Out That Lana Not Only Lives There But Also Claims To Be Its Owner.

Alana It Was A Mistake To Fall In Love With Callahan Kane. He Told Me As Much Six Summers Ago, Just Before He Broke My Heart And Our Friendship. I Mistakenly Trusted Him When He Said He Wouldn’t Return. Cal Then Returned With Plans To Sell His Grandfather’s Lake Home. What Was His Strategy’s Major Shortcoming? The Deed Has My Name.

Lauren Is A Writer And Reader Who Suffers From An Overactive Imagination. Her Ultimate Goal Is To Visit Every Location She Writes About. She Likes To Create Lovable Yet Imperfect Characters In Her Stories. She Enjoys Telling Frantic Tales That Span The Emotional Range And Are Filled With Anguish And Fury.

She Spends Her Free Time Watching Youtube, Binge-watching Parks And Recreation, And Looking Up Different Places On Yelp Before Settling On Her Tried-and-true Favourite. After Her Morning Coffee, She Works Best, And She Will Never Say No To A Snooze.

I’m Curious About Callahan Percival Kane’s Health After Having To Carry The Whole Series On His Back. Seriously, The Prior Two Volumes Need To Be Ashamed Of Themselves For Not Being Calana Fr.

Really, This Series Hasn’t Been The Greatest Of Luck For Me Thus Far. It Took A Lot Of Effort To Read The Fine Print. When I Usually Can Finish A Book In A Single Sitting, This One Physically Hurt Me To Read And Took Me Approximately Three Weeks To Complete. But In The End, I Didn’t Care About Rowan And Zahra Or Their Unrealized Potential. While My Enemy Is The Terms And Conditions. Alternatively, To Be More Precise, Declan Kane Is My Worst Enemy.

I Despise That Guy So Much, Fr. But We’re Not Going To Let His Presence Spoil Our Lovely Safe Haven, Okay? He Doesn’t Deserve To Be Here, Therefore This Will Be The First And Only Time I Acknowledge Him By Name.

Callahan Kane, However, Was The One Who Managed To Finish Those Volumes. He Served As Both My Beacon Of Hope And My Compass. He Contributed The Humour And Sarcasm. His Pinky Had More Personality Than Both Of His Brothers Put Together. I Was Really Excited To Read His Book. I Wanted To Read It But Was Also Afraid Of It Failing Miserably Like Its Predecessors And Disappointing Me. Fortunately, That Didn’t Happen. I’m Sorry I’ve Ever Doubted You, Lily, Because I Know You’d Never Desert Me In That Way.

And The Few Mentions Of The Mysterious “Alana” Kept Me Hooked Every Single Time. I Had Very High Expectations For This Book Because Of My Love For Cal And The Hints Of His Relationship With Alana From Previous Books, And It Didn’t Let Me Down.

In Final Offer, Callahan Kane (H)visits The Small Village Of Lake Wisteria Where He Used To Spend His Summers As A Teenager And Where He Grew Up With Alana “Lana” Castillo, The Cook’s Daughter. With Alana And Her Daughter Cami Residing In The Home That Cal’s Grandpa Bequeathed To Both Alana And Cal, The Two Must Learn To Coexist There While Overcoming Their Turbulent History, Which Is Marred By The Shadow Of Cal’s Addiction And Is Full Of Pain, Betrayal, And Lost Love. A Few Of The Tropes Are.

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The Final Offer Lauren Asher EPub Summary

One Of The Main Problems I Had With The Earlier Volumes Was That They Didn’t Seem Like Tales Beyond The Clichés They Used. They Were Overloaded With Stereotypes And Weren’t Sure What Kind Of Characters They Wanted To Be—insta-lover Or Slowburn, Enemies Or Not. But This? The Tropes Were So Fundamental To The Plot That It Took Me A While To Think Of Them When A Friend Asked Me What Tropes Were Used In The Novel Since The Clichés Weren’t Used At All.

Instead, This Narrative Was Really Well-developed. La Incites A Fight. We Know The Objectives Of The Characters And What Drives Them, And We Follow A Detailed Story Line From A To B. Final Offer Has More Depth Than I Ever Imagined, With Overtones Of Loss And Sadness That I Felt To Be Eloquently Done. I Found That The Earlier Volumes Were A Little Disjointed And Didn’t Know What They Wanted To Be.

The Previous Two Novels Were Exact Replicas Of The Grumpy-sunshine Stereotype, But The Characters Didn’t Seem Like They Were Really Pushed Beyond Those Archetypes. In A Similar Vein, The Character Depth Wasn’t Limited To Tropes. Cal Served As The Comedy Relief, The Golden Retriever, And The Jokester Clown In The Previous Novels, But In Final Offer He Was So Much More. He Was So Much More, My God.

The Intricacy Of Cal Was Perhaps One Of My Favourite Aspects Of This Novel! With Cal, We Really Go On A Personal Adventure. His Progression Towards Self-acceptance And Love Was Relatively Easily Documented. The Subtleties Of His Trauma And Addictions Were Unexpected. I Wasn’t Prepared For La To Go Into The Depth That She Did, And It Moved Me Beyond My Capacity For Feeling. Particularly In Reference To His Hatred Of Himself. His Self-perception Broke My Heart So Severely, Yet Everyone Treated Him Fairly.

I Became Really Close To Him. I Wanted Him To Be Successful. I Wanted Him To Be Punished A Little For How He Had Treated Lana In The Past, But The Complexity Of His Character Let Me Understand Him A Lot More. In The End, His Addictions Aren’t Utilised As A Justification For Misbehaving.

The Final Offer Lauren Asher EPub Free Download

The Final Offer Lauren Asher Read Online

Cal Is Held Responsible For His Acts, But Is He Willing To Change, To Take Responsibility For Them, And To Put Out The Effort Necessary To Alter His Behaviour? It Made Reading About The Second Chance Part Of This Story Much More Satisfying.

My Own Pet Hate Is Second Chance Romances When The Hero Doesn’t Really Contribute Anything While Attempting To Atone For His Errors And Modify His Attitude And Behaviour. Cal Was A Highly Active Hero, Which Is Ultimately Why This Novel Was So Great.

The Pace Of This Novel, In My Opinion, Was Another Conspicuous Achievement.

For Want Of A Better Term, The Pace In The First Two Novels Was Dreadful. Let Me Tell You That The Insta-lust/love That Pretended To Be A Slowburn Was A Horrible Experience. Because Everything Was Revealed Too Soon In The Opening Few Chapters Of Both Volumes, It Meant That The Books Were Overly Lengthy And Very Little Really Happened.

But Honestly, With Cal And Alana, The Tempo Was Almost Perfect. The Tension Is Brought On By Two Ex-spouses Reentering Each Other’s Lives. We Experience The Sorrow And Lamentation Over What That Connection May Have Been. We Experience The Ache And Stress Of Unresolved Emotions. With The Contradictory Push And Pull, We Feel The Chemistry. The Development Of The Connection Wasn’t Hurried In Any Way. You Have No Idea How Many Hallelujahs I Was Sending Up Above As I Read More Because Coming Into The Book, It Was My Greatest Concern.

The Element Of A Second Opportunity Wasn’t Hurried. It Avoided Being Too… I’m Trying To Think Of The Perfect Word… Tidy, Maybe? It Was A Slow Increase. They Didn’t Simply Get Back Together After Being Apart. Nonetheless, An Overlapping Struggle With Their History, Present, And Future Plans. It Was A Procedure That Was Sometimes A Little Untidy, But Overall It Was Great. Once Again, Too-smooth Sailing Second Chance Relationships Are One Of My Pet Peeves.

The Fact That Cal And Lana Are Everything From Easy Going Made Reading This Novel So Enjoyable.

The Final Offer Lauren Asher Sinopsis

You Are Already Aware Of The Significant Reunion That Is Going To Take Place If You Have Been Reading Lauren Asher’s Dreamland Billionaires Series. But Here’s A Reminder In Case You Haven’t Gotten A Chance To Check It Out Yet: The “Happiest Place On Earth” Kind Of Theme Park Is The Inheritance Of Three Brothers, Who Must First Fulfil A Number Of Chores Before They Can Collect Their Substantial Fortune. The Second-chance Romance That The Audience Has Adored Starts When One Of Them, Cal, Reunites With Someone Rather Unexpected.

The Third Book In The Trilogy, Final Offer, Will Be Published On January 31, 2023, And Cosmopolitan Has An Exclusive First Peek. However, Before You Learn What Cal And Alana Are Up To, Have A Look At The Official Book Summary Provided By Bloom Books:

Cal Looks Over The Kitchen Countertops And Counts The 100 Cupcakes. What Is The Unique Event, Then?

Well, It Was His Departure.

My Grip On The Piping Bag Becomes Tighter. My Design Is Ruined As A Lump Of Icing Spills Across The Almost Completed Cupcake.

“We’re Commemorating The Last Week Of Classes.” I Use My Index Finger To Remove The Sloppy Frosting Off The Cupcake Before Heading To The Sink To Wash It.

Before I Can Turn On The Faucet, Cal Stops Me By Grabbing Hold Of My Hand. I’m Pulled Away From The Sink By Him. My Breath Is Taken Away When My Chest Bumps With His.

I Attempt To Withdraw. Why Are You Doing That?

Something I Find Irresistible There Ought To Be A Caution Sign On The Glitter In His Eyes.


“cal…” My Breathy Pronunciation Of His Name Appears To Inspire Him.

Cal Gives Me A Childlike Tsk. “Your Mother Taught Us Not To Throw Away Any Food,” My Hand Is Raised To His Lips By Him. His Lips Enclose My Finger Smeared In Icing While He Holds Mine Captive And Casts A Spell Over Me. When His Tongue Touches My Flesh, Every Cell In My Body Erupts.

Cal Takes Careful To Take His Time, Rubbing My Finger With The Back And Forth Motion Of His Tongue To Remove Any Signs Of The Icing. Each Time He Swipes His Tongue Over My Body, I Feel A Jolt.

The Whole Experience Had Lasted Just Five Seconds, The Shortest And Longest In My Life.

I Make An Unsuccessful Effort To Release Myself From His Hold. Before He Releases Me, His Grip On My Wrist Tightens, And My Hand Drops By My Side Like A Pendulum.

What In The World? I Punch Him Across The Chest.

Although He Makes It A Point To Loudly Lick His Lips, He Doesn’t Move An Inch. You Taste Better Than I Recall, I Thought.

You. Not The Frosting You.

I Cough As I Stifle A Quick Inhalation As He Speaks.

“How Are You?”

I Go Backward To Create More Space Between Us. No, I’m Not Very Good.

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